Dec 2, 2010

Bila Result Keluar.


Aku tak suka.

I admit.

I like money.
I like dealing with money.
I hate the complexity of its transactions.

But admitting now wont affect anything.

Nak quit? Dah halfway.

Nak continue? The interest is getting lower.

Choice to make.

Dunia tak adil. :(

Lepas final.

Buang duit.
Buang duit.
Buang duit.
Then duit habis.

Dunia tak adil. :(

Do you ever think about seemingly irrelevant things but actually quite fun to think about?

For instance.

Kenapa burung hantu stay up during nights? Ever wonder kalau die stay up pagi. Would they sleep like no tomorrow bila malam? Then bile membe ajak lepak die cakap "duuude pagi tadi aku berjaga doh. Raincheck? ^_^"

Kenapa guitar ade 6 tali? Or 12? Kenape tak 5 or 4 or 3 or 7 or 8 or 9. Odd numbers are odd.

Kenapa orang yang guna kereta mahal macam bmw or merc nak mod lagi kereta? The price itself can already buy a house, why modify some more?

Kenapa kita tak pernah (or jarang) nampak pimped out lorries? Aku teringin nak tengok lorries ade neon lights, turbo, nos, vinyls and eagle eyes with bling bling and stuff. That would make my day. Even beca pon ade macam macam style. Pfft.

When agaknye the day the world would announce "Oh shit. Whaddaya know, the world ran out of fuel. Oh well. Lets turn our Bentleys into comfy beds."

And most recently. Cones on the road. Macam mana orang boleh place those cones on the highway? And whats weirder the cones started from the right lane, which is the fastest lane, and would go on to the middle. Macam mana diorang letak? Can you imagine? If there's a worker trying to put the first cone on the right lane, suddenly a bugatti comes along. You think he will live?

Yeahhh. Mysteries of life.

Aku nak Iphone lah.

The only thing that kills my motivation to get a job so that I can afford it is,

the damn battery does not last long.

One day. One time charge. Or worse. Have to charge twice.

Imagine charging your phone twice a day. Who does that?!

However, Iphone 4 apparently has fixed that problem.
However, the price is so ridikulus, that when I think about it I would get depressed.

Anyone selling cheap Iphone 4? I'll trade you my W995. xD

Kenapa ade orang kaya dalam dunia ni?

Dunia tak adil. :(

Macam mana nak maximize the speed of Kancil with minimum expenses?

I know.

But even minimum expenses is still expenses.

Care giving me some money?

Dunia tak adil. :(

Aku suka keluar malam.

Macam kelawar.

Or burung hantu.

During the day aku tido.

Yeah. Not exactly the lifestyle my parents love.

So this one day, they finally have had it and just layed it all on me.

Tak dapat lepak. Quite a sad day.

Then I started to think.

Dia jahat. Parents bagi je lepak.
Dia smoke. Parents bagi je lepak.
Dia tak jaga biological clock. Parents bagi je lepak.
Dia tak sembahyang. Parents bagi je lepak.
Dia asyik pegi clubbing minum arak balik subuh. Parents bagi je lepak.
Dia suka bazirkan duit parents die. Parents die bagi je lepak.
Dia accidentkan kereta parents die. Parents die bagi je die lepak.
Dia shisha. Parents still bagi lepak.

Dunia tak adil. :(


2 November 2010.


Masuk bilik exam.

"Repeat repeat."

Keluar bilik exam.


You see, Far memang dah dijangka since Test 1.

Aku dah prepare mental untuk repeat subject ni.

So apedehal.

14 November 2010.


Masuk bilik exam.

"Boleh boleh boleh. :D"

Keluar bilik exam.

"F*ck me."

You see, untuk Maf aku tak prepare mentally for anything less than a B-.

Then fate happened.

Shittiest exam day EVAR.

Yeah, ramai tak tau, tapi aku rasa macam nak menangis mase tu. It was worse than mase keluar exam hall untuk Far110.

But aku dah lama tak menangis, so macam kata BFMV, tears dont fall. And they did not.

I just smiled. And called my parents.

Looking for some comfort or word of wisdom. Or anything.

But they seemed busy. Macam malas nak layan aku. So aku tak jadi nak complain anything.

So no words of wisdom. Oh how I needed some at that time. Haha.

I thought the rest of the day would suck as hell.

But then dapat lunch dengan tersayang.
Dapat bersembang dan meluahkan perasaan.
Dapat dota beberape frame.
Dapat record birthday wishes.
Dapat lepak malam tu dengan new people.
And dapat M&M :)

So that day turned out to be owsum.


10 December 2010.

3 papers.

Life sucks.

It all came down that day.




Aku merungut dan merungut.

Aku sembahyang. Dia tak.
Aku tak merokok. Dia merokok.
Aku tak pegi club. Die pegi club.
Aku rajin pergi kelas. Dia tak.
Aku study macam orang gila. Dia jarang.

Aku fail. Dia lulus.

Dunia memang tak adil.

However, again, like BFMV, tears dont fall.

And they did not.

I thought this was it.

No more.

No more.

I've had it.

Then after some self pitying moments and a few shisha balangs and a few days later, common sense came knocking.

Quit? Dah halfway.
Tukar kos? Bajet pandai.

So what kalau short course, kalau extend.

That piece of paper that says "Diploma" is all I want.

No matter how long.
Or how hard.

"Shit son, I really am going through with this."

Life goes on.

And then everything turned around.

I have things others do not.

I have a great family others do not.

I have the health others do not.

I have great friends others do not.

I have a lifestyle others do not.

I have that special someone others do not.

I have most of the things others would die to have.

I realize.

This is not the time to fret.
This is not the time to complain.
This is not the time to blame fate.
This is not the time to blame the world.

This is the time to wake up.

Work things out.
Fix things that are wrong.
Cherish things that I do have.

In the end,

The world is fair after all.